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While father and son indulge in the world's most beautiful hobby, mother and daughter can relax at our alpine cabin enjoying a delicious piece of homemade cake...

The advertisement for our mountain cabin could sound more or less like this. So that this does not remain an empty promise, we thought together with our son Fabian – who, by the way, is a passionate pilot of model aircraft himself - to something special for you:

* Model pilots among our guests may use the slope adjacent to our mountain cabin to fly their models! *

Out of respect for nature, animals (wild and grazing), hikers and last but not least of our guests, only gliders or electric gliders can be used.

We expressly remind you that we accept access to our meadow only for the purpose of model flying. Each pilot assumes responsibility for his/her actions and any damage caused. If you do not agree with this, please refrain from flying models in our area!

* Please, take these rules into account:

  • A valid flight insurance/liability insurance for the model flight is mandatory!
  • only gliders or electric gliders can be used.
  • The take-off and landing area can be consulted on the following map. The area can only be used when the grass has been cut. A red or green tape along the edge of the slope will indicate when this is possible (RED== non-walkable area; GREEN== walkable area).
  • In the presence of the red tape or in its absence, take-off and landing can only take place in the immediate vicinity of the path. Stepping on the lawn must be avoided or allowed only in exceptional cases (e.g., in case of outlanding of pure glider models without a supporting electric motor).
  • The take-off area can be entered only through the path marked on the following overview map. Please do not take any "shortcuts" across meadows!
  • The electric motor should only be driven to start the model. In case it becomes necessary to use it for a further support, please do so on the slope facing away from our cabin (south side) or at a sufficient distance from our cabin.
  • It is expressly FORBIDDEN to fly over our cabin and its immediate surroundings (see map below)!
  • Also avoid flying over the paths and bike paths.
  • Comply with the legal regulations for model flight!
  • Do not enter uncut meadows (grass height above 5 cm)
  • Please note the local and seasonal conditions. We will be happy to inform you about them when you arrive at our cabin.
  • The most important thing: TURN ON YOUR COMMON SENSE ;-)


If above rules are not followed, we reserve the right to prohibit any activity on our lawns to ALL people. It is therefore in your interest and that of all model pilots to abide by the rules in force ;-)


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Our opening hours



Open from 18 May to 27 October 2024!

Closed on Monday!

Are you planning to visit us and you are not sure if we are open? Do not hesitate and contact us directly by calling the following number: +39 347 8641258

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